Core Values


Wayne County educators are guided by our common vision, mission, and core values. Educator excellence means unwavering commitment to holding high expectations for all students, building upon existing funds of knowledge, providing access to robust engaging curriculum, fostering partnerships with students and their families, and an intentional focus on ensuring all students receive high-quality instruction. Students are empowered to build awareness of themselves and their world through multimodal literacies that cultivate their genius.

Meaningful Collaboration

Meaningful collaboration provides an opportunity to examine and develop a common goal of excellent, equitable literacy instruction across Wayne County.

Equity in Literacy

LLN Leaders work toward key actions that build an inclusive, accessible, culturally and linguistically responsive environment for students, educators, families, and their communities. Inclusive literacy instruction includes a focus on academic success, cultural competence, critical consciousness, and joyful learning. We commit to strengthening equity-centered systems that meet the diverse needs of every child.