Talking Science Through Texts

A team of science, literacy and assessment educators have curated Text Sets, created Interactive Read Aloud Guides, and suggested Formative Assessments aligned to the Grade Level Topic Bundles of Michigan Science Standards.

Choose a Grade Level

Select a specific grade level to access book lists, read aloud guides, and a list of suggested formative assessment probes. Then select the specific Topic Bundle for the associated resources.
You can read more about topic bundling here.

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Second Grade
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For an overview of the suggested texts for all grade levels, we encourage you to explore our complete K-5 Progression outline.

Designed to Supplement

Neither reading about science nor engaging in “hands-on” activities in isolation are sufficient to achieve science or literacy goals.

The resources on this page were created to support, not replace high-quality Tier 1 science and literacy instruction. Visit our additional resources page for more information on content integration.

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