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The district is working towards a district-wide cohesive vision of literacy for all and forms an ELA curriculum team. After analyzing assessment results and teacher surveys, the team studies the components of research-informed ELA instruction, acquires a deep understanding of Michigan ELA content standards and best practices within and across grade levels, and establishes the district’s vision of high quality instruction.

Action steps:

Equitable access to instructional materials, resources, communication, and professional learning is essential as districts engage these action steps.

  • Create an ELA Team Application for potential team members
  • Develop and administer a Reading and Writing Curriculum Survey
  • Read and discuss the NCTE Resolution on the Critical Role of Teachers in the Selection and Implementation of Reading Programs and Policies
  • Use a collaborative protocol to establish district-wide beliefs about teaching and learning
  • Utilize a planning tool to develop a vision of high quality ELA instruction
  • Study the MAISA GELN Literacy Essentials documents
  • Revisit the Michigan K-12 ELA Standards
  • Select a central location for curriculum materials (i.e., vision of literacy, pacing guides)
    • some examples of central locations include Atlas Rubicon, Google Suite, SharePoint

Supports currently available through the Wayne RESA Literacy Team:

  • See the Wayne RESA Professional Development Catalog for a comprehensive list of professional learning opportunities
  • Consult with district/building leaders about the process of a curriculum review
  • Guide the district in conducting a curriculum audit
  • Advise the ELA curriculum team as they draft their vision of literacy
  • Provide professional learning on 
  • Collaborate with Department of Literacy consultants to generate resources specific to this layer, such as slide decks, communication tools, applications and other forms and documents
  • Additionally, districts/schools can request customized support by completing the Wayne RESA PD Request Form

Suggestions for engaging in this work remotely:

  • Create a tentative timeline for the work
  • Use an LMS, such as Google Classroom or Moodle, to house resources (i.e., documents, presentations, articles) and facilitate whole group discussions
  • Consider digital platforms to inventory or audit the current curriculum
  • Set firm deadlines for responses
  • Use a virtual conferencing platform (i.e., Zoom or Google Meet) to review plans and/or achieve consensus
  • Invite a Wayne RESA Literacy Consultant into all platforms for support
  • Invite a Wayne RESA Culture and Climate Consultant into all platforms for equity support