Instructional Rounds

What is the practice of Instructional Rounds?

Instructional Rounds is an approach to professional learning that is inspired by the medical rounds model. Rounds is viewed as an improvement strategy that utilizes an observation process that enables participants to focus on a common problem of practice. Through the use of specific protocols, participants observe teaching and learning in classrooms, engage in professional dialogue, and apply this learning to their own context.

Instructional Rounds
Instructional Rounds
IS a Practice that…
A programIs designed to support an existing improvement strategy at the school or system level
An event Is woven into existing improvement practices
An evaluation Focuses on collective learning
To monitor implementation Focuses on patterns of practice — a way to objectively describe and improve teaching and learning
PassiveActive community of practice where professionals expect to push each other and learn from each other

Purpose & Outcomes

  • Improve teaching and learning
  • Improving the instructional core
  • Job embedded professional learning
  • Enhanced teacher efficacy
  • Solve common problems of practice
  • Develop instructional strategies
  • Support School Improvement goals
Diagram showing that the instructional core is made up of the teacher, the students, and the content

Resources For Use

Consult with the Department of Literacy Instructional Rounds Team