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CONSIDERATION 2: Commitment and Support

Principle: In order to embed a coaching model throughout the system, purpose and outcomes should be understood and articulated across multiple levels.

An important way to embed coaching throughout a system is to ensure that the superintendents, central office, and school leaders articulate similar messages about the purposes and expected outcomes of coaching. Systems must consider how they will provide specific human and fiscal resources, supports for learning and action, and time to engage in coaching effectively. 

Essential Questions to Address:
•How might the central office demonstrate the system’s support of coaching?
•What role might central office take in supporting individual coaches?
•What is the district’s message about how coaching fits into the spectrum of reform efforts?
•How will we ensure equitable allocation of resources, time and staff?
•How will we help schools determine their needs and areas of focus? How will coaching addressthose areas?
•What professional learning opportunities will coaches, teachers, and district personnel be offeredor lead to support coaching and an understanding of our coaching models?
•How can we support coaching through technology and data systems?
•What practices are already in place to support instructional capacity building?